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Title:Business & Sustainability Council
EditPhoto Description:Innovating with business to conserve nature
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​Companies in today’s competitive global marketplace are increasingly focusing their efforts on outstanding environmental performance as a business imperative. Conservation International and our corporate partners know that working collaboratively is the most effective way to find solutions for the pressing environmental challenges we face.

The Business & Sustainability Council (BSC) — established in 2003 as a forum for corporate leaders taking positive environmental actions in their businesses — provides members a compelling and practical blend of CI thought leadership and science, practical experience from the field and shared best practices across corporations and cultures, affirming the role of businesses as positive drivers of environmental change.



BSC members ($35,000/year) have unique access to CI’s network of internationally-renowned scientists, issue experts and CI board members, as well as our groundbreaking research and innovative tools. BSC-or​ganized discussions and communications are targeted at addressing the real sustainability issues companies are concerned about.

  • Our annual meeting provides members the opportunity to develop concrete solutions for sustainability. BSC members set the agenda and drive the discussions — allowing members to gain fresh perspectives to help solve pressing issues around sustainability, nature conservation and human well-being.
  • Quarterly online learning tools, including webinars and newsletters, enable members to continuously learn about and share best practices on critical issues.
  • Stakeholder engagement tools, including a suite of CI communications such as photos, slideshows, videos and blogs can be used internally by members to showcase the importance of nature conservation and the company’s sustainability commitments.
  • Trusted advice and support among members as companies collaborate with one another to think through existing priorities, ground-truth solutions they are considering and discover emerging solutions. This provides members with the opportunity to share and amplify their own sustainability successes and lessons learned.
  • Targeted technical advice ​from CI experts helps members advance their sustainability agendas. CI has supported members by reviewing and advising on sustainability reports, purchasing policies, best practices and internal messaging.
  • A unique stakeholder engagement opportunity helps members gain support for their sustainability initiatives. Examples include presenting a CI senior leader to speak at a company sponsored event, organizing a targeted webinar led by CI on a topic of relevance to the member company or providing a private viewing of one of CI’s new virtual reality films at a member company headquarters to inspire employees and senior leaders.

Join Us

Member companies of the BSC are committed to taking positive environmental actions for their businesses and to supporting CI’s mission of sustainably caring for nature for the well-being of humanity. Through the BSC, our member companies strive for continued excellence in sustainability, healthy ecosystems, healthy economies and human well-being.

We invite you to join us. At this pivotal moment, when businesses and communities across the world are coming together to protect nature, your engagement through membership in the BSC is more important than ever.

To learn more or join the BSC, please contact BSC Manager, Alex Chen​​.

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Comprised of influential corporations across a range of industries, BSC members represent global revenues greater than US$ 1 trillion and more than 3 million employees​.


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